The Unerring Eye An Interview with Joe Ness

Interviews by Dana Nollsch and Norm Robins.

Video by Dana Nollsch.

Additional video by Sharktooth Productions, LLC.

Norm and Dana spent a morning with Joe Ness. In these two video interviews, we find out about Joe, his art, and just how Joe found an outlet for his art.

Joe is the mastermind behind “Windows of the World” and with the backing of The Peppermill Resorts, he and his crew have created a truly timeless series of beautiful and creative videos.

In the first video Dana talks to Joe about inspiration and process, this includes some conversation about the equipment Joe uses to capture the beauty of the world around us.

In the second video, Norm talks to Joe about some of the adventures he has had traveling the world and being in the moment as the cameras captured the far away scenes.

We are also including a video by Sharktooth Productions, LLC showing Joe at work.

These video interviews are a bit in depth so be prepared to sit down and relax as you watch the man with the Unerring Eye.’ Norm Robins sat down recently with Joe Ness, the Peppermill’s Executive Director of Entertainment, Electronics, and Media to discuss his spectacular photography that festoons the walls of the Peppermill casino and every room in the hotel.

Norm started the interview looking for Joe’s happiness, what he gets from his work, and his joy, what he gets from watching other people thrill at seeing his work.  He gives us insights into what makes his photographer’s eye so unerring.  The interview is a little bit longer than usual, but the subject matter is incredibly engaging, just like his photography.

Here is the video by Sharktooth Productions, LLC , that Norm talks about with Joe.

It is truly wonderful to see such a talented artist showing all of us that there is a way to be creative and be successful. Joe is one of the most humble and talented artists I have met. Go check out his work at any of the Peppermill’s properties. ~Dana Nollsch~

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