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As I sit in preparation for my day I find myself reflecting upon the idea of being number one. First place. What does that even mean in today’s ever-expanding world?

Although we have already arrived at the week’s hump day, I’m drawing my attention back to Saturday evening (the 27th) when I attended the Red Book Release party at the Potentialist Workshop. My friend and fellow poet, Orlando Oh, held a festive release to his latest creation. The night held live, music, live poetry, many wonderful conversations, and insight into the original artwork that comprised his ‘Red Book’. As I was able to attend the pre-show I was able to get the very first edition of his compilation and have him sign it for me.

Did this increase my personal status? No. However, the whole point was being a part of the shared art, and supporting a friend. A brother in Letters and arms. Whatever place we are in line, or even if we aren’t in line, art is meant to be shared and talked about. It is meant to evoke a response and touch people’s lives.

This idea of coming in first was further compounded when I was able to stroll around Virginia Lake on the following morning (Sunday the 28th). I was able to behold Peter Hazel’s public art installment of the dragonfly for the first time. There were no lines. There were no tickets. There has been just a public display of beauty for all to be enriched by. Families can stop and take pictures. Couples can stop to have moments of reflection. All of us can share in the majesty.

And so as I sit here, Wednesday morning, in preparation for tonight’s first installment of the year for JCSU Coffee House Series I have no idea what slot order that I will be going on stage. I will be simply one of the multiple artists sharing their work as a precursor to the main event. I might be first. I might be last. I will, most importantly, be present. (Joe Crowley Student Union – 6-8pm starring Mwende “FreeQuency” Katwiwa) For anyone who is interested in more poetry/spoken word before the week is completely out, you can attend a poetry reading at Sundance Books on Friday evening with Reno’s Poet Laureate Lindsay Wilson and Steve Caughlin.

~ Jesse James Ziegler~

Please see Facebook for more details on both events.

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