Three childhood buddies reunite with dire consequences in Restless Artist Theater’s production of “Small Engine Repair”

Frank has invited his two childhood buddies to his shop, luring them there with tall tales and hollow promises. Packie and Swaino (Franks childhood buddies) are not too amused as there is a rift between the two of them and they are ready to walk out. Frank is ready for this and entices them to stay to “work out their differences” with pot and scotch.

This is how it starts.

I don’t want to give away the story, but suffice it to say, there are a few twists and a hidden agenda. There are also some great social media references that bring a few twists to the story as well. You should go see the play to find out about the twists, I was taken by surprise.

In the end Frank, Packie, and Swaino work as a team to solve the problem at hand.

The characters are troubled boys who grew up to be troubled men. We see them past their prime and haunted by the challenges of life.

This is a dark comedy with wonderful characters and an intriguing plot, very funny and slightly erotic this will most likely mess with your emotions just a bit. There are also drugs and alcohol as well as sexual situations and violence.

Written by John Pollano and directed by Dave Zybert this is a great 90 min play and I recommend checking it out.

The cast:

Frank.. Kevin McCray

Packie.. James Miller

Swaino.. Abel Echeverria

Chad.. Brandon Busselman

For more information, check out Restless Artists Theater’s website:

~Dana Nollsch~




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