Tumbledown House at the Hawkins Amphitheater

Tumbledown House played The Hawkins Amphitheater, Monday night as part of Artown 2018 Free music series to a full house of around 800 people.

~Photos and Review by David Rocco~

The Speakeasy music sound that they performed was nothing but satisfying. With a combination of early 20th Century Saloon music. A mix of parlor pop, Speakeasy and some cocktail music with a twist.  The way they combined vintage sounds and music from yesteryear and some modern instrumental persuasions.

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They teamed up with clarinet virtuoso Zac Johnson, ragtime trumpeter Jeff Bordes, upright bass wizard Ryan Lukas, and a wide, varied cast of drummers and percussionists which provides the perfect sonic landscapes for their crafted songs of sultry vocalist Gillian Howe. The resulting group has become just as notorious for their raucous speakeasy parties as they are adored for their intimate seated events, which are oftentimes enriched by lush storytelling. Their ability to charm audiences of all walks of life is making Tumbledown House a rising festival favorite throughout Northern California and beyond.

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