Upcoming Bolshoi Streaming Productions

By Norm Robins

The Bolshoi Ballet and Opera will stream selections from their “Golden Collection” including some of their most popular productions: The Tsar’s Bride (April 1), Marco Spada (April 4), Boris Godunov (April 7) and The Nutcracker (April 10). These upcoming performances will go live at 7pm Moscow time (9:00 AM Reno time) and will be available online for 24 hours.

The link for this is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4w9xcReegCg

For some reason this was broadcast a 9 AM Reno time Wednesday. At 11:30 or so they pulled the HD version and replaced it with a digital version. This is the one above. The quality isn’t as sharp as before, but the Opera is still worth watching for the music and the spectacle.

The Tsar’s Bride is an opera with a runtime of 2 hrs. 2 min. There are no English subtitles. That notwithstanding, this is a magnificent opera with lavish costumes, a beautiful set, and wonderful voices.

The story centers around Ivan the Terrible and his 19-year-old third bride Marfa.

You can see the synopsis for The Tsar’s Bride on the Bolshoi’s Website


Marco Spada (Marco Polo) is a ballet. Boris Godunov is an opera. I don’t think it has been made into a ballet. The Nutcracker is a ballet. Please hurry if you want to see this.

Stay tuned.

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