Who Woulda Thunk?

  • Phone Photography at the Nevada Fine Arts Gallery

By Norm Robins

Who would have thought the smart phone in your pocket or purse that is, of course, used for phone calls, Internet access, emails, GSP directions, and quickly forgotten selfies could be a camera for producing fine photographic art?  Who would have indeed!  The several photographers displaying at Nevada Fine Arts along with photographer/proprietor Charles Kiene would have, and indeed they did.

The phone photography exhibit opened Friday, April 6, 2019 at the gallery in the basement of their arts goods store and studio at 1301 South Virginia in Reno.  They haven’t said how long the showing will run, but probably it will be for most of April.

Julia’s Ghost At The Mackay Mansion by Charles Kleine

There is an old cliché in photography that goes like this:  A great photographer can produce great photos with the most simple of cameras, but a poor photographer cannot even with the most expensive equipment.  Witness Julia’s Ghost At The Mackay Mansion above by Charles Kleine.  This was shot with an iPhone.  It was enhanced with software.  Look at the bottom half of Julia’s skirt.  Do you see the chaise lounge through it?  Charles did that with software.  Among them he uses HDR, high-dynamic-range software to make his pictures more alive and more vivid.  Snap shooters typically can’t do that even though they often fantasize they can.

There were a number of photographers exhibiting there.  Kleine showed Julia’s Ghost at the Mackay Mansion, Antique Store Santa Fe, and Downtown Reno Nightscape, an outstanding and remarkable piece of photography.  Others included Todd Paige’s shots of flowers and cacti, Brian Wiebe’s Una Prospettiva di Namarola, a stunning shot of colorful residence building against one of those steep Italian mountainsides that photographers love so much.  There were quite a few more with notable work on display.  These signed works are for sale, frame and all, at moderate prices.

This art show is worth a visit.  It will change your mind on phone photography.

For more information about Nevada Fine Arts check out their website:

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