Backstage Review: Two Across at RAT

“Two Across” is a beautiful story of two strangers brought together by chance to discover a shared passion that opens their eyes to what life could be with the right person. But anything worthwhile, this is not an easy road for these two, and both of them are quite damaged. In the 80 minutes of traveling from one end of the subway to the other, the audience witnesses a remarkable transformation as Janet (Played by Robin Soli) and Josh (Played by Dave Cherry) soften to each other.

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‘Lifespan of a Fact’ at RAT

“The Lifespan of a Fact” is part funny and part cerebrally challenging, asking the question, where do journalistic ethics and good storytelling meet, and can that blending be successful? We have a writer, a fact-checker, and an editor battling with that very question in the story. Although there is no answer in the play, there are many thought-provoking questions that will fuel the audience’s conversations for some time after watching “The Lifespan of a Fact.”
RAT’s production of “The Lifespan of a Fact” is masterfully performed by Ron Flesher, JJ Mungcal, and Wendy Feign. This ensemble cast brings the story to life with a passion for the more profound questions of ethics.

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Backstage Review – ‘Annie’ at Sierra School of Performing Arts

Annie is a joy to watch; based on a once-famous cartoon strip, it emerged 40 years ago as a Broadway musical and later as a movie. The story is based on a little orphan girl (Annie) and her displeasure with her life. She even makes a half-hearted attempt to run away to change her life.

Little does Annie know, Oliver Warbucks is about to change her life. He is a Billionaire with political clout and a lonely life. The country is in a deep depression, and Oliver Warbucks is using his political influence in an attempt to make things better.

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