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By Tina Mokuau and Dana Nöllsch with Reno Arts News.

This is a look into the creative’s journey, with interviews of artists, actors, and other creatives in Reno, NV, with your hosts Tina Mokuau and Dana Nöllsch.

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Tina and Dana start their second season of Creatives Talk Podcast with Singer-Songwriter Grace Hayes. Grace discusses her music, creative process, family, and how social media has helped her become a successful artist. Listen to this week's Creatives Talk Podcast to enjoy her heartfelt and dynamic style. Here are Grace's social media links. Check out her work. She is an astonishing talent. Facebook: Instagram: Threads: YouTube: TikTok: Bio Link: Season Two Episode One: Grace Hayes July 10, 2024 Your Hosts: Tina Mokuau and Dana Nollsch Editor/Sound Engineer: Dana Nollsch Music by Mr Smith and Antony Raijekov With special thanks to: Nevada Fine Arts for their continued support of the podcast. Reno Arts News for their undying support of the Reno Art Scene.
  1. Grace Hayes
  2. Mandi Wirtanen
  3. Holly Galbo Bopp
  4. Rosine Bena
  5. Janet Lazarus

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