Creatives Talk Podcast

By Tina Mokuau and Dana Nöllsch with Reno Arts News.

This is a look into the creative’s journey, with interviews of artists, actors, and other creatives in Reno, NV, with your hosts Tina Mokuau and Dana Nöllsch.

This week, we are joined by Debbie McCarthy, also known as About Town Deb. Take a listen as we discuss community, family, and the future.

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This week, we talked to Megan Berner, the Arts & Culture Manager for the City of Reno. 

The conversation ranged from current and future Arts Projects for Reno and Berner’s personal art practice.

This is the link that Berner talks about in the podcast:

We had the extreme pleasure of sitting down with ⁠Sam Sprague⁠, who owns ⁠Micano Home.⁠

Sam was one of the founders of the Midtown District and has quite the story of how he became a successful store owner and artist in Midtown.

We had a wonderful conversation with Eileen Fuller about local arts clubs and organizations. Eileen’s art is always inspirational, and I am sure you will find inspiration in our conversation.

For more than half a century, Marilyn Newton was a photojournalist for the Reno Gazette Journal. Covering the news, she made friends along the way, and Newton’s stories reflect a life lived with a passion that few can even imagine. We sat down with Marilyn Newton as she reflected on her life and shared her enthusiasm for the photos of Nevada she now creates and displays at the Artists Co-op.

We sat down with Nettie Oliverio to talk about her involvement with the Reno Arts Community and some of the current art projects she is involved in. This was a fascinating conversation that you will want to listen to.

Your hosts Tina and Dana talked to Jesse James Ziegler about his poetry and the spoken word community.

Listen to our first Podcast and check out what is happening in the spoken word community here in Reno. Jesse James Ziegler serves as Poet Laureate for the City of Reno (5th-Jan/24-Dec/25). He is the creator and manager of Monday Night Poetry and Spoken Views Collective vice president.

To find out more go to: ⁠⁠