Reno Stage Scene; ‘That Day In Tucson’ at TMCC

That Day in Tucson is centered around the story of Daniel Hernandez, Jr; Hernandez was an intern for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords when she was shot on January 8, 2011. Hernandez was hailed as a hero for saving Congresswoman Giffords’s life, sparking a media frenzy fueled by political gamesmanship. During the play, the audience learns about Hernandez’s backstory and where these events eventually took him.

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Art Trek for February 24th, 2023

This week’s Art Trek for February 24th was more ambitious than planned. There are many great shows and exhibitions that you should check out. As it is the month’s end, many galleries will change over to the next show. One of the shows next month will have two of my photographs alongside those of some of the best fine art photographers in the area; we will talk more about that in the next Art Trek.

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Backstage Review: ‘Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party’ at TMCC

“Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party” takes place in Lincoln’s rural Illinois hometown. A fourth-grade Christmas Pageant crosses the line in questioning Lincoln’s sexuality, setting off a chain of events where the townspeople question everything. The play mirrors many community’s struggles in these changing times.

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