Video – Monessen Falls Talk-Back with the Cast, Director, and the Author.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

If you have seen the show, watch the talk-back video. But if you have not yet seen the show, please wait to watch this video until you have seen the show.

Talk Back at Good Luck Macbeth

~By Norm Robins~

On occasion theater groups hold a talkback. What’s a talkback? It is a short period after a performance when cast and sometimes crew come back onstage after they have taken off their makeup and costumes. Sometimes one or two of them grab a well-deserved can of beer on the way. They sit down and talk about themselves, who they are offstage, and they talk about how they see the characters they have just played and their takes on the play they have just performed.

Good Luck Macbeth (GLM) recently held one after a matinee performance of Monessen Falls, a play by Greg Burdick. The audience was graced with Greg’s presence. This was a rare treat for them to their delight and seemingly the delight of the playwright. Watch this and enjoy!

          Norm Robins



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