A Moment at the Nevada Museum of Art _ Arms and Lions

~Dana Nöllsch~

As this year comes to an end, let us look at what the “Nevada Museum of Art” has instore for us to ring in the new year.

We will be talking about two exhibits but make no mistake; there is more at the Museum than just these two exhibits.

Here is a video of Amanda Horn taking us on a tour of ‘King of Beasts’ and Decorative Arms.”

First, there is “King of Beasts: A Study of the African Lion by John Banovich.”

These paintings are more than just realistic; these works are emotional as well. John Banovich offers us a glips into the life of the king of beasts in his heartfelt work. His portrait of the family and community life of these majestic animals will bring a smile to your face and perhaps even a bit more understanding as well.

One of the paintings on display is a large canvas that takes us on the journey of the life of a powerful lion. From birth to death, the artist shows us this powerful animal’s journey.

“Decorative Arms: Treasures from the Robert M. Lee Collection” is in the main exhibit hall. This exhibit features over 190 individual items ranging from ornately engraved and decorated firearms from historic to modern as well as suits of armor, swords, knives, and even a beautiful engraved watch with local history.

The intricate engravings are truly remarkable and a celebration of art and life.

Plan on taking the time to enjoy these works of art as these exhibits should be savored slowly.

For more information check out the Museum’s website: https://www.nevadaart.org/


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