Backstage Review – ‘Occupant’ at Restless Artist Theater

~Photos and review by Dana Nöllsch~

I know it has been some time since we have reviewed a play, but now that restrictions have eased, it looks like live-theater is back.

A few days ago, we had the pleasure of seeing ‘Occupant’ at Restless Artist Theater. When I say pleasure, I am not kidding. ‘Occupant’ is a delightful two-person play centering around the life of the American sculptor Louise Nevelson. 

The premise of ‘Occupant’ is, years after her death, Nevelson is interviewed about her life and career. This brings delightful banter between Nevelson (Played by Debra Lynn Hull) and her interviewer (Played by James Miller).

I knew Nevelson’s work but was unaware of her struggles as a Russian Immigrant and how she fought for acceptance as a woman artist. 

The telling of Nevelson’s story is fascinating and entertaining as she and her interviewer banter back and forth regarding the details from the many books written about her.

Debra Lynn Hull and James Miller are excellent playing Nevelson and the interviewer in this intricate two-person play with their antagonistic and funny banter as the interview becomes more intimate. The performance from Hull and Miller is touching and delicious. 

‘Occupant’ was written by Pulitzer Prize-winner Edward Albee and premiered in 2008. Albee was a prolific American playwright known for such work asThe Sandbox and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, among others.

With this time away from live-theater, it is good to know that Restless Artist Theater has taken into account the pandemic and made many changes to make the theater safe and comfortable. Reduced seating, improved ventilation, and strict sanitizing protocol are among the changes they have made.

‘Occupant’ will be a limited run July 5 – 12, so get your tickets soon.