Backstage Review – ‘Annie’ at Sierra School of Performing Arts

Review by Dana Nöllsch

Photos by PhotoZen and Kendall Price Photography

Annie is a joy to watch, based on a once-famous cartoon strip, it emerged 40 years ago as a Broadway musical and later as a movie. The story is based on a little orphan girl (Annie) and her displeasure with her life. She even makes a half-hearted attempt to run away to change her life.

Little does Annie know, Oliver Warbucks is about to change her life. He is a Billionaire with political clout and a lonely life. The country is in a deep depression, and Oliver Warbucks is using his political influence in an attempt to make things better.

Abby Wagner plays the title role of Annie, a cheerful orphan who is unwavering in her optimism. Abby brings life to the role as we follow her journey to a new life.

Kirk Gardner delivers a fantastic performance as Oliver Warbucks, a billionaire who expresses interest in adopting Annie but instead searches for her birth parents at her request.

Amy Ginder plays the despicable Miss Hannigan giving us a powerful performance with her songs and attitude.

The ensemble is full of great performances, the cast (including a real dog!) delivers a memorable show full of lively song-and-dance numbers.

I highly recommend seeing Annie for the joy of this feel-good story and polished performances.

Show dates: Friday, August 13, and Saturday, August 14
Thursday-Sunday, August 19-22
Friday, August 27, and Saturday, August 28

Outside at the Robert Z. Hawkins Amphitheater at Bartley Ranch, Reno, Nevada
Performances at 7:30 pm
Gates open at approximately 6:45 pm


Oliver Warbucks
Miss Hannigan
Grace Farrell
Orphans (double cast)

Lily St. Regis
Bert Healy  
Star(s) To Be
Mrs. Greer
​Mrs. Pugh
​Boylan Sisters

Abby Wagner
Kirk Gardner
Amy Ginder
Elise Van Dyne
Lily McCaskill, Maddie Ho, Reagan Price, Imani Valle, Sophia Riella, Zoa Clayton, Eleanor Raker,  Ronnie Avansino, Vivienne Keller, Harper Westfall, Emily Ho
Cody Hamilton
Jessica Pauletto
Michael Peters
Bob Ives
​Thomas Chubb
Jon Marshall
Anna Leff, Katie Hippert
Amy Nielson
Lori Ashley
Jasmine Johnson, Katie Hippert, Maddy Regrut


Michael Peters, Bob Ives, Jon Marshall, Amy Nielson, Katie Hippert, Oliver Raker,  Kirsten Wood, Luis Galvez, Anna Leff, Lori Ashley,  Maddie Dowden, Giuliana Hovenic,  Kaleina Kaululaau, Angela Galvez,  Colin Unruh, Maddy Regrut, Thomas Chubb, Jasmine Johnson, Jack Bibeau, Dan Robbins


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