BIGGEST little Theatre & New Works Festival

Brüka Theatre has dedicated three days to a workshop, new works, spoken word, music, comedy, dance, and more. This was the thirteenth year of the ‘BIGGEST little Theatre & New Works Festival.’

~Article and photo essay by Dana Nöllsch~

Thursday, Physical Theatre Workshop

The three-day celebration began on Thursday and featured a Physical Theatre Workshop led by Martin A. David. I could not attend the workshop, but talking to those who did, it is clear that it was energetic and inspirational. If you can experience a workshop led by Martin A. David, you should jump at the chance.

Friday, The Big Schmooze & Bohemia


The second day started with an hour of shmoozing and discussing the theatre scene. Bruka’s neighbor, Wild River Grille, provided yummy snacks. This was an exciting chance to network with actors, directors, and writers.

To start the evening’s main event, various performers offered spoken word, comedy, new works, dance, and more. The performances were indeed exciting and brilliant. This was hosted by the multi-talented Michael Grimm as Charlie the Mime.


For almost twenty-five years, Brüka Theatre has been presenting “Bohemia Nights.” This is a place for performers to share their art with the audience in an open and accepting environment.


Tom Cruz as Elias, AJ Clopton as Luis, and Sophia Roman doing stage direction did a reading of Gregory Hillmans’s – The Limerence, an original short play. 


Kell Kittell’s play Que Sera, Sera was performed by Bradford Kai’ ai’ ai’ as Terry, Ryan Corrigan as Ryan, Kell Kittell as Leon, and Stephen Moore as Chaz. This short play about love and moving forward even when faced with tragedy is brilliantly prominent. I hope it gets to be performed again.


The open mic portion was filled with inspiration and energy. The audience was treated to Jesse James Ziegler’s first public performance as Reno’s new Poet laureate. The poem Ziegler read is at the end of this article, and I highly recommend reading it.


Saturday was the big day, with performances starting at noon. There were five plays during this festival day. Unfortunately, I missed the first two performances and have no photos of those performances.


Writer/Director – Michael Wilder FrazelSynopsis: Four reality TV stars join forces to extreme makeover a dictator and his struggling country. While they claim they are there for the right reasons, secrets will be revealed, alliances will be betrayed, and there might even be a musical number. This darkly comedic romp through your favorite reality TV shows like Love Is Blind, Ghost Hunters, The Great British Baking Show, and The X Factor examines modern monetary theory, heartbreak, and whether people can ever really change.

Note: The description is taken from Brüka’s playbill.


Bob Gabrielli, Writer/Director. It’s a typical day for food bank volunteers at a drive-thru distribution.

Note: The description is taken from Brüka’s playbill.


These two plays are great examples of the theatre of the absurd, exploring existentialism and the human condition. The first play, “The Problem,” finds our two players trying to make sense of the world around them with squares and tape measures, but the numbers don’t align. The second play, “The Rehearsal,” finds the actors rehearsing a play, but without the presence of the director, they find themselves with, well, no direction.

There is more to the second play, “The Rehearsal.” The action on stage culminates with gunfire and a brutal kick to the victim. With that kick, the actors switch roles, and the scene starts again. This cycle goes on for a bit. In the talkback, David told the audience that the play could go on for hours and has done so in other performances.

Written & Directed By Martin A. David, with Kathryn Webber-Karp and Michela Munoz-Brown playing the parts.


This is a beautiful story of mime love. We see Frankee and Matilde meet and fall for each other, building a life together and facing the reality of life together. Set to a French soundtrack from the 1966 film “A Man and a Woman, this tale of love is something you won’t soon forget.

Langsdale and Lynn promise to perform The Ballad of Frankee & Matilde in the future, and if you have the opportunity to see them perform this lovely story, definitely do it.
Lyndsey Langsdale (Co-Writer/Co-Director/Co-Stage manager/Performer – Frankee)
Carrie Lynn (Co-Writer/Co-Director/Co-Stage manager/Performer – Matilde)


“Flaunt Your Flaws” is the story of a reality game show where contestants looking for love tell their potential dates the flawed parts of their personalities. This is a great premise and proves to be quite entertaining. The first half is the contest and is a musical as well. The contestants sing about their flaws egged on by the show’s host, Faulty Foibles, played by John Wade.

In the show’s second half, we see the contestants paired up, and together, the audience votes on who should be with whom. This part of the show is totally improvisational. 

The cast is fantastic! The songs are memorable. And “Flaunt Your Flaws” is very funny. 

“Flaunt Your Flaws” will play eight more times at various locations over the next month. 

Find out more here:

Creator/Playwright – Stephanie Gittleman. Director – Tim Mahoney. Vocal Director – Cindy Sabatini. Stage Manager – Judith Barnes. 

CAST: BAD BOY – John Frederick. CHRONIC COMPLAINER – Amelia Giles. DRAMA QUEEN- Erin Maresh. FRAUD GUY – Freddy Publico.

THE HOST (FAULTY FOIBLES) – John Wade. ICE PRINCESS – Tabitha Andrews. LIVES IN PAST (LIP MAN) – Tim Mahoney. NAUGHTY GIRL – Patricia Brewer. SERIAL CHEATER – Elijah Frederick. VELCRO GAL – Megan Davidson. WORRYWART – Matthew Stevenson.

UNDERSTUDY/SWING/STANDBY CAST: Kaity Librada, Judith Barnes, Troy Gardner.


Here is Jesse James Ziegler’s poem that I promised.


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