Downtown Flowers

Downtown Flowers to Brighten Your Day

Have you ever wondered where the hanging pots of flowers in Downtown Reno come from? Let’s find out about the Downtown Flowers and more.

~By Dana Nöllsch~

Since 1984 the city of Reno has operated a greenhouse, raising trees, ground cover, bushes, and flowers; in fact, they will be growing over 80 different species of plants this year. Ryan Sharrer, The city of Reno’s Horticulturist, opened the greenhouse doors and answered questions for the media to bring awareness of what Reno does to keep the city beautiful.

Downtown Flowers

Have you seen the hanging pots of beautiful flowers hanging in Downtown Reno? This is the greenhouse that these flowers come from. Sharre and his crew of one part-time employee and ten volunteers take pride in creating and maintaining these buckets of flowers to brighten Reno.

Sharrer told us that he started the flowers from seed on December 7th in preparation for the 80 hanging pots we will begin to see around Reno as soon as next week. The hanging pots have ten different patterns; see if you can find all of the patterns next time you see them around Downtown.

Here is a photo essay of what we saw in the greenhouse.


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