‘Son of a Buttcracker’ at Bruka Theater (Photos and Review)

~Photos and review by Dana Nöllsch~

This 9th rendition of “Buttcracker” offers high energy fun that may have been created in the lab of a mad scientist. In fact, I believe it was.

For you who have not experienced the past “Buttcrackers,” here is a quick rundown. Take that Christmas staple, The Nutcracker, and add some spice. This year the spice is Frankenstein. The Nutcracker mixed with Frankenstein makes for a very entertaining mashup.

Picture this; the date is 1815 in the Frankenstein Castle on the Rhine River in Germany. The family gathers for a holiday celebration, with all the peculiarities you would expect from a gathering at the Frankenstein’s Castle. Add to this the flavor of ballet and the thread of a classic Christmas tale, and you have this year’s “Son of a Buttcracker.”

Check out these photos for a taste of what you will see.

You may be thinking to yourself that this seems like a crazy thing to do to a timeless Chrismas tale, but trust me, this is crazy good.

The cast brings so much fun and energy to the stage that all your holiday cares will disappear and be replaces with laughter. This is truly an ensemble cast who are always playing for laughs.

Go see “Son of a Buttcracker” but get your tickets now as I do not doubt that this run will be sold out very soon.

“Son of a Buttcracker” Plays through December 21st, 2019.

For tickets and more information check out Bruka’s website: http://www.bruka.org/

Or just call: (775) 323-3221

“Son of a Buttcracker” is Directed by Mary Bennett

Choreography by John Wade


  • Michael Polanski
  • Rosebud Matches
  • John Wade
  • Lewis Zaumeyer
  • Paris Rich
  • Marshall Jones
  • Sharon Ruff
  • Teresa Moiola
  • Abbey Shook
  • Riley McKinney
  • Sofie Lippert
  • Shauna Castro
  • Jennifer Flynn
  • Betania Lara-Vazquez
  • Kaydence McKenzie
  • Kai Zaumeyer-Smith
  • Meggie Rose Quirk
  • Merry Ann Davis
  • Carrie Lynn
  • Resse Kvall
  • David Simpson
  • Jessey Richards


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