Backstage Review – ‘Annie’ at Sierra School of Performing Arts

Annie is a joy to watch; based on a once-famous cartoon strip, it emerged 40 years ago as a Broadway musical and later as a movie. The story is based on a little orphan girl (Annie) and her displeasure with her life. She even makes a half-hearted attempt to run away to change her life.

Little does Annie know, Oliver Warbucks is about to change her life. He is a Billionaire with political clout and a lonely life. The country is in a deep depression, and Oliver Warbucks is using his political influence in an attempt to make things better.

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Backstage Review: ‘Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge’

The Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future leads us through a futile attempt to redeem intensely practical Scrooge. Of course, it doesn’t work. She (the Ghost) is a hopeless underachiever. She transports us from time to time and place to place and invariably ends up somewhere other than her intended destination. But Scrooge is irredeemable. He hates Christmas. Durang divides Mrs. Cratchit into two, a nice Mrs. Cratchit married to Bob Cratchit and a nasty Mrs. Cratchit who keeps trying to kill herself by jumping off London Bridge. Scrooge, bah humbugging his way through the play, falls in love with nasty Mrs. Cratchit. Who woulda thunk? But, it seems like a perfect match.

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You Are Welcome Reno, a Love Letter from an Anonymous Thespian

Nevada is most famous for being a last stop, before one ventures across a state filled with small towns with gas stations, casinos, and desert (lots of desert). When one hears the name the first thing that comes to mind is casinos, not the illustrious casinos of Las Vegas, but the rundown forgotten casinos whose best days are far, far, behind them. It’s a city which hides amongst the shadows of the Sierras, a victim of many predisposed stereotypes. As a tourist, you might find yourself staying in one of the hotel rooms on the strip. The strip lies on North Virginia Street. On weekend nights, North Virginia is bustling with tourists, they make their way up and down the street, booze-filled, hunting for their riches on the casino floor. For the lucky ones who stumble to the end of the strip, they’ll reach a small theater on the corner of 1st and North Virginia. Its name is Bruka, and the art it has produced has been a cornerstone of entertainment in the Reno area for 27 years.

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