She Kills Monsters

‘She Kills Monsters’, a nerdy comedy with heart. 

~Review and Photos by Dana Nöllsch~

She Kills Monsters: The Story

Agnes is the sister who lived after her family was killed in an auto accident. This tragedy brought Agnes to the realization that she did not know her sister, Tilly, as well as she should have. While packing up Tilly’s things, Agnes finds a book that will change the way she remembers Tilly as well as change her life forever.

What Agnes finds is a Dungeons and Dragons module, or story that Tilly wrote in her role as dungeon master. This is Agnes’s opportunity to discover who her sister was. She finds a dungeon master to guide her through her sister’s story and teach her to play the game of Dungeons and Dragons.

The play takes place in 1995 in Athens, Ohio. Agnes is a teacher in the local high school and leads a very normal life. This is about to change. In the game, Agnes meets her sister’s friends and, indeed, meets Tilly for what feels like the first time. 

There are many spoilers I could tell you, but I will not do that, for this story should be experienced in the theatre. But I can tell you that the writing of She Kills Monsters is sharp and dynamic thanks to the author Qui Nguyen. 

And don’t think you have to know about the game of Dungeons and Dragons to enjoy this play; you don’t; the game is not the play’s primary focus. But if you know the game, you will be delighted at the numerous easter eggs in the play.

What About the Performances

The cast is impressive, and their characters are fun with a delightful emotional depth. As the actors perform on stage, you can feel that they are having fun and, at the same time, addressing some deep subjects with kindness and understanding. This ensemble cast is entertaining to watch.

As you might expect, there is a lot of action and swordplay. You will see some of this fast-paced action in the photos. The fight choreography is outstanding and so much fun to watch. There is a surprise at the end, but I will give you no spoilers; you can’t Dragon it out of me, no matter how hard you try.

The Bottom Line

One could argue that there could be more D&D play, with dice and rolling percentages, and I found myself debating that very thing with myself. In the end, I concluded that the balance of the story would not have been improved by adding technical D&D elements. After all, this is not a story about D&D, but it is a story with D&D as an element of this heartwarming story.

The Bottom Line? Go see She Kills Monsters and be open to an emotional, fun experience that is more than expected.

She Kills Monsters

Written by Qui Nguyen

Directed by Sarah Hinz 


Agnes – Jessica Johnson

Tilly – Alexis Pedote

Chuck – Tom Cruz

Lilith – Meila Offerle

Kaliope – Molly Olsen

Orcus – AJ Clopton

Miles – Jayton Newbury

Vera/The Beholder – Lily Perez

Steve – Anson Wapstra Scott

Evil Gabbi/Farrah – Jen Flynn

Evil Tina/The Narrator – Ilyana Nightingale

Performance Dates

March 1st through March 23rd

For Tickets and more information, go to:

Good Luck Macbeth

124 Taylor St. Reno



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