Witch‘ is a Devilish story of love, greed, desire, and human nature. There are deals to be made, and the Devil is on the Job.

~Review and Photos by Dana Nöllsch~

The Story of Witch

Based on a Jacobean myth from early 17th-century English literature, this story about life and human frailty is a fitting commentary that has endured.

Scratch (Played by Scott Hermes), a charming devil, comes to the company town of Edmonton to tempt a select few residents. Scratch is indeed well received by most, but to his amazement, one of his chosen few refuses his offer. It may be true that we have to give the Devil his due, but the village witch, Elizabeth Sawyer (played by Deborah Hull), is not interested in making a deal.

The rest of the characters revolve around Sir Arthur Banks (Played by Brett Robinson), who owns the village castle and is quite wealthy. His son Cuddy (Played by Michael Wilder Frazel) is obsessed with Morris dancing and will most likely fail to give his father an heir. This puts Sir Arthur Banks in a very uncomfortable position.

Frank Thorney (played by Jonathan Gastelo) is Sir Arthur Banks’s adopted son and wants to inherit the estate and fortune. But as with any good story, there must be secrets, and Frank Thorney has a few. Will his determination win out?

To round out the cast is Winnifred (Played by Brooke Tousley), the castle maid with desires of her own. She sees everyone’s secrets and knows everyone’s desires. 

Let’s not forget Scratch, with devilish charisma, he makes his deals. But who will get their wishes in the end?

Check out the photos from Witch.

What about the Performances

The fantastic cast keeps the audience engaged with the wonderfully written story. 

The actors blend, bringing the characters to the stage with just the right amount of humor and humanity. This is just what the story of Witch calls for. 


By Jen Silverman

Directed by Doug Mishler


Cuddy: Michael Wilder Frazel 

Winnifred: Brooke Tousley 

Elizabeth Sawyer: Deborah Hull 

Scratch: Scott Hermes 

Frank Thorney: Jonathan Gastelo 

Sir Arthur Banks: Brett Robinson 

Performance Dates

March 22nd to April 1st

Restless Artists Theatre Company

295 20th Street, Sparks

​775 525-3074


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