Reno Stage Scene; ‘The Quality of Life’ at RLT

Amidst personal tragedies, a family comes together to find common ground in Playwright Jane Anderson’s “The Quality of Life.”

~Review and Photos by Dana Nöllsch~

The Story

Two cousins come together with their spouses to support and share their time of deep tragedy.

Dinah and Bill have found solace in their church after losing their daughter in a horrific way. They travel from their home in the Midwest to visit Dinah’s hippie cousin Jeannette and her husband Neil in the hills of Northern California. They know this may prove to be an uncomfortable visit as each couple seems to have very different views about life.

Jeannette and Neil are in the midst of their own challenges. A fire consumed the house they shared for many years and destroyed all of their sacred possessions. As if that was not enough, Neil is in the late stages of cancer and has a very short time to live.

The two couples come together to confront this dark time in their lives, hoping for support but also finding conflict.

“The Quality of Life” explores religious differences, ethical conflicts, morality, and end-of-life choices. Pulling no punches, this play will stay with you for some time. The writing is sharp as a scalpel, and the story is captivating; although the subjects are profound, “The Quality of Life” is a true masterwork.

Here are some photos to whet your appetite.

What about the Performances

This powerhouse cast holds nothing back as they take the stage to become the characters and fill the theatre with intensity.

The actors are perfectly cast for the roles, and more than that, they own the roles in a way that not many could come close to matching. This ensemble cast is generous with each other as they portray these deeply damaged characters. 

Thanks to the quality of acting and the fantastic direction from Alexandra Frankel and Scott Hernandez, the audience falls into the story and feels the performances on a deeply emotional level.

The Bottom Line

Although “The Quality of Life” takes the audience on a very emotional journey, it is a pleasurable experience. The supreme acting, directing, and writing make this a thoroughly engrossing play. However, be aware that some may find the subject matter a bit emotional. Bring your Kleenex!

The Quality of Life

by Jane Anderson

Directed by: Alexandra Frankel & Scott Hernandez 


Moira Bengochea as Dinah

Rod Hearn as Bill

La Ronda Etheridge as Jeanette

Corbett Harrison as Neil


Asst. Director: Lauren Jullierat

Stage Manager: Jesse Spooner

Asst. Stage Manager: Nohemy Velasco

Scenic, Lighting, Prop, & Sound Designer: Chad Sweet

Accent & Dialect Coach: Rosie Brownlow-Calkin

Intimacy Coordinator: Thomas Rao

Costumer: Stefanie Lara

Dramaturg: Luis Galvez

Performance Dates

April 12, 13*, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, & 27 @ 7:30pm

April 14, 21**, & 28† @ 2pm

*denotes PAY-WHAT-YOU-WISH performance

**denotes talk back performance 

† denotes captioned performance


Est. 1935
147 E. Pueblo St. Reno, NV 89502
(775) 813-8900


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