Marjorie Prime at Restless Artist Theater

Review and Photos by Dana Nollsch

When we lose a loved one, we may visit the grave where they are buried or keep their ashes on the mantel perhaps, but in the near future, things may be much different indeed, “Marjorie Prime” examines just that.

Your loved one can be with you as a robot made to resemble the one you lost, and over time with conversation, that robot will become more and more like the loved one you wish to remember.

The year is 2062, and Marjorie is losing the battle with time, failing health, and failing memory is plaguing her as her family does their best to take care of her. Trying to keep her mentally stable, they get her a ‘Prime,’ a robot resembling her long-deceased husband.

This is the rough premise, but “Marjorie Prime” goes deeper into the personalities and conflicts of the family, and this is done brilliantly! The emotions explored during the telling of this story are offered to the audience with dignity and understanding from the cast. I found myself mesmerized as we watched the story unfold before us.

You may think that this is a dystopian tale, but I found it more of an examination of humanity and loss.
Check out “Marjorie Prime” and see for yourself.

Written By: Jordan Harrison
Directed By: Debra Lynn Hull

Marjorie: Kathy Welch
Tess: Kathryn Weber-Karp
Jon: Kevin Karp
Walter: Zoogie Austin

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