Popcorn Falls

Reno Stage Scene; ‘Popcorn Falls’ at Restless Artists Theatre Company

What will the town of Popcorn Falls do when greed threatens their very existence? The answer is simple: Community Theater. 

~Review and Photos by Dana Nöllsch~

The Story of Popcorn Falls

The town of Popcorn Falls has one thing that keeps them on the map: the falls. But when the greed of an evil corporation drys up the falls, the town faces inevitable doom. So, the townspeople devise a way to save the falls and the town.

Their plan makes no sense, but nothing else in the town makes much sense either, which is part of the beauty of the story. In a nutshell, the town will go for a large grant offered to them for putting on a play. The only challenge is that the town of Popcorn Falls has no actors, costumes, script, or even a playhouse and only a week to pull off what seems impossible. Will these minor difficulties stop the town from winning the grant and saving the town?

A seemingly endless cast of quirky characters will keep you in stitches as they come together to save the town they love. As you watch Popcorn Falls, see if you can count how many different characters there are. And let me know which ones are your favorites.

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The Performances

With two actors playing twenty-one roles, this fast-paced hour and a half will keep you laughing hysterically. Popcorn Falls is a simple story with a complex delivery that will stretch any actor’s talents. 

Jonathan Gastelo plays the Mayor and many other roles throughout the course of the play. Not only delivering a comedic performance but also an emotional one, Gastelo shows his confidence with his formidable performance. 

Ryan Corrigan plays the local handyman and many more roles. With seemingly endless energy, Corrigan switches roles seamlessly throughout the play. There are times when Corrigan changes characters several times within a few minutes yet keeps each distinct personality separate and focused for the audience.

The Bottom Line

Popcorn Falls is a funny, fast-paced, comical farce that will leave you entertained and impressed with the comedic skills of these two talented actors. See Popcorn Falls to enjoy the story, but be sure to appreciate the exceptional performances.

Popcorn Falls

By James Hindman

Directed by Libby Schipper


Jonathan Gastelo, as the Mayor, and a bunch of townsfolk.

Ryan Corrigan, as the local handyman, and the rest of the townsfolk.

Performance Dates

July 28th through August 7th

Restless Artists Theatre Company

295 20th Street, Sparks

​775 525-3074


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