Reno Stage Scene; ‘Shark!’ at GLM

Shark! is Good Luck Macbeth’s newest original comedy parody. GLM is passionate about creating these light-hearted parodies of iconic films, and they are very good at it.

~Review and Photos by Dana Nöllsch~

Shark! The Story

Most of us know the story. A man-eating shark starts doing just that; the Sheriff raises the alarm just to be shot down by the Mayor, who wants to have a good tourist season and won’t let anything stand in the way of tourist season, so he reopens the beaches to the tourists. As you might guess, the tourists become chum for the Shark!, So the Mayor brings in an expert to handle the problem. Things don’t work the way the Mayor would like them to.

Now frustrated, the Mayor hires an experienced fisherman to find and kill the Shark! The Sheriff, Shark Expert, and the Fisherman set sail to find the Shark! 

Now I don’t want to get into too many details and give you any spoilers, but you will be googling and looking up a youtube video at intermission. 

Check out photos from Shark!

The Performances

The cast certainly bring out the most from the bigger-than-life characters. 

Brandon Collins shows the vulnerability of Sheriff Brody in a sympathetic way. More of a straight man Collins shows his comedic talent as Sheriff Brody, who never gives up in his quest for the Shark!

Dave Richards plays Quint, the fisherman who sets out to find and kill the Shark! Richards brings the audience to hysterical laughter with his ever-changing facial expressions and spot-on comedic delivery. 

Hooper, the Shark expert, is played by Leif Aucoin. Aucoin is wonderfully energetic and brings confidence to the character of Hooper. 

These three balance and play off of each other splendidly as they set out to find and kill the Shark!

The rest of the cast keeps the laughs coming as they portray the memorable characters from the movie. 

The Writing

GLM’s writers have added lots of little and not-so-little easter eggs into the story in both subtle and in-your-face ways. They blend local news and personalities into the story, making for a couple of hours of pure fun and entertainment. 

With tight and funny writing, I am sure that the writers enjoyed taking a bite out of Shark!

The Bottom Line

Shark! is a hit; after you see it, you will think twice before you go to the beaches at Little Washoe Lake.

Don’t be Chum; get your tickets before they sell out.


Director: Gregory Klino

Writing Team

Ryan Kelly

Ryan Costello 

Rhiannon Box

Ashley Atack

Amanda Alvey

lan Sorenson

Mojo Montelongo


Brandon Collins as Brody

Dave Richards as Quint   

Cory Easley as Mayor   

Leif Aucoin as Hooper/Ensemble   

Darcy Lenardson as Ellen/Ensemble   

Liz O’Neill as Mrs. Kintner/Ensemble   

Robert Simpson as John Williams/Ensemble   

Kimberly Wallenius as Chrissy/Ensemble   

DJ Hope as Deputy/Ensemble   

Holly Lorge as Left Shark/Ensemble   

Nick Josten as Bruce/Ensemble   


Stage Manager: Macyn Coddington

Assistant Stage Manager: Rachel Gorbet

Costumer: Lyndsey Langsdale

Costumer: Katelyn Caufield

Scenic Design: Joe Atack

Light Design: Jesse Brown

Sound Design: Benjamin Browder

Board Operator: Nicki Kilbourn

Prop Master: Bret Rood

Performance Dates

July 7,8,13, 14,15, 20, 21, 22, 27, 29 @7:30

July 9, 16, 23 @ 2:00

Good Luck Macbeth Theatre

Est. 2009

124 Taylor St. Reno, NV 89509

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