Siamsa – A Celtic Christmas

Siamsa  A Celtic Christmas explores the Celtic holiday traditions from the viewpoint of three orphans searching for the light of Christmas. Filled with music, song, and dance Siamsa  A Celtic Christmas is a holiday treat for the whole family.

~Review and Photos by Dana Nöllsch~

Siamsa  A Celtic Christmas is an original musical produced by “Shamrock Productions, a Celtic Dance Company” and written by Amanda Coulson. Siamsa is an annual one-night-only event with a special daytime performance for local school kids. We saw the show with the local school kids.

It was a wonderful experience to see this musical with so many eager school kids and their teachers.

Siamsa means to celebrate with friends and family. 

More about the Story

Three orphans search for the light of Christmas, and along the way, they are enlightened by their adventures and by the people they meet. Each encounter offers clues in the form of lessons in tradition and blessings as well. 

With a blending of music and dance, the Celtic traditions are told to the three orphans as they travel many roads and search and discover the light they are searching for. This is an uplifting story that is just right for the family.

Here are some photos from Siamsa  A Celtic Christmas.

The Performances

There are many performers, from professionals to students, and they blend on stage very well. The dancers come in all ages, from littles to seasoned professionals direct from Russia. This is a unique opportunity for the younger performers to be on stage with experienced performers in a professional setting.

Cami Thompson with Sydney Barber, Melody Hannah, Cathy Gabrielle provide vocals for some moving songs. It is always a treat to see Thompson on stage lending her voice to local performances.

The quality of Siamsa  A Celtic Christmas is impressive, and the cast and crew should all be very proud of the show they created. 

How about the Set

The set and the stage at the Grand Sierra are impressive. The size is just part of it. The lighting and sound are also very well done. This adds to the beauty and enjoyment of the performances.

Bottom Line

Make a plan to bring your family to next year’s performance of Siamsa  A Celtic Christmas. Be sure to keep an eye on Shamrock Productions’ website so that you don’t miss out on their productions next year.


LEADING IRISH DANCERS: Laura Cass, Rory Patrick, Morgan Martin, Michael Pixton


ALUMNI SENIOR IRISH DANCERS:  Kendall Knuf, Lauren Haug, Sydney Seth

SENIOR IRISH DANCERS:  Presley Martyka, Anne-Marie Rutz

APPRENTICE SENIOR IRISH DANCERS:  Dominique Morgan, Lucy Searcy, Ella Wolfe, Elise Diarte

JUNIOR IRISH DANCERS:  Abby Ochsner, Juno Hanson Quaintance, Jasmine Mills, Emma Kent, Hannah Dieffenbach, Cayden Klink, Emma Caramore

APPRENTICE JUNIOR IRISH DANCERS:  Emma Baraneck, Ava Hirsch, Lily Diarte, Cameron Hauser, Ameila Moore, Brooklyn Meadows, Reagan Carey, Emma Wiltse, Ariel Fowler, Ethan Fowler, Rosalie Tolomeo

WEE IRISH DANCERS: Cameron Hauser, Ava Hirsch, Amelia Moore, Brooklyn Meadows Reagan Carey, Isabella Hawes, Claire Yohn, Emma Kent, Emma Caramore, Jack Henry Reid, Abby Ochsner.

PEEWEES: Ariela Oster, Emma Wiltse, Liana Mehrabi, Ophelia Ernst, Remedy Legg, Elora Mae Harwood

Dancers:  Cayden Klink, Simryn Desai, Petra Warburton, Olivia Kamka, Mahlee Camarena, Vivian Marsh, Krista Hurley, Jasmine Mills, Juno Hanson Quaintance, Arielle Fowler, Ethan Fowler, Peyton Schmitt,              Emma Baranek

CANDLE KIDS: Jasmine Mills, Emma Baranek, Emma Kent, Lily Diarte, Ava Hirsch, Juno Hanson Quaintance, Abby Ochsner, Emma Caramore, Hannah Dieffenbach, Emma Wiltse, Rosalie Tolomeo, Reagan Carey, Claire Yohn, Remedy Legg, Natalia Militano, Amelia Moore, Ariela Oster, Bella Hawes, Elora Mae Harwood, Cameron Hauser, Liana Mehrabi, Jack Henry Reid, Ophelia Ernst, Brooklyn Meadows

HIP HOPPERS:  Peyton Schmitt, Keanu Dasilva, Maddox Dasilva, Trent Meadows, Vivian Marsh, Arden Peterson, Aveany Kenison, Hannah Woodside

BALLET DANCERS:  Kamryn Lish, Lauren Haug, Petra Warburton, Olivia Kamka, Simryn Desai, Mahlee Camarena, Vivian Marsh

FLAMENCO DANCERS:  Petra Warburton, Olivia Kamka, Kamryn Lish, Simryn Desai, Vivian Marsh, Cayden Klink, Mahlee Camarena (Kristi Hurley – understudy)

CANDY CANE GIRLS:  Kamryn Lish, Vivian Marsh, Petra Warburton, Olivia Kamka, (Cayden Klink – understudy)

SNOWFLAKES: Seneca Compton, Reagan Carey, Emma Wiltse, Isabella Hawes, Brooklyn Meadows, Amelia Moore,      Claire Yohn, Ariela Oster, Abby Ochsner, Natalia Militano, Cameron Hauser, Ava Hirsch, Rosalie Tolomeo, Hannah Dieffenbach, Emma Kent, Emma Caramore, Juno Hanson Quaintance, Jasmine Mills, Emma Baranek

LEAD SOLOISTS:  Laura Shannon Cass, Rory Patrick, Michael Pixton, Morgan Martin

VOCALISTS: Cami Thompson, Sydney Barber, Melody Hannah, Cathy Gabrielle