Reno Stage Scene; ‘The Reflections Of Tarantula Jones’ at Bruka Theatre

Tarantula Jones is mutated by a spider bite and, with his group of converts, takes the audience on an immersive ride deep into tales of the fantastical.

~Review and Photos by Dana Nöllsch~

The Story of Tarantula Jones

This is an original immersive play from the mind of Mary Bennett. Spinning works and words by Edgar Allen Poe, Lewis Carroll, and Oscar Wilde. 

Tarantula Jones came to Reno with his carnival troop many years ago. While sitting on the bank of the Truckee River, he was bitten by a spider and transformed into something much different than he once was. Since that bite, he has been driven to recruit others for what purpose we do not know.

The audience is taken on a journey into the many tales guided by Tarantula Jones’s spiders. A trio of delectable arachnids you won’t soon forget. Some of these are tales of madness, and some are stories of possession. All of these have a feeling of the surreal.

This is an immersive journey for the audience, taking them to many places in and around the theater. But don’t be frightened; the spider guides will keep you safe.

The Performances

The many characters that you will encounter are quite unique. The actors portraying them are altogether excellent. 

Martin David plays Tarantula Jones with just the right amount of carny mixed with egocentric charisma.

The spiders weave a web of desire guiding you along the journey. Amber Teen, Michela Minoz-Brown, and Bella Mason play Tarantula Jones’s spiders with irresistible charm and guile.

James Mardock plays the Inmate. Mardock draws you in as he tells you a story that sounds familiar with the intensity of a madman. 

Riley McKinney plays Alice, and Carrie Lynn plays the Red Queen as they gaze into the mirror of eternity. The audience gets an up close and personal view of the confrontation. McKinney and Lynn charmingly play with the audience as the scene unfolds.

There are many others in this cast, and they all bring a fun energy to the show.

The Set

As the story of Tarantula Jones takes place in many locations around Bruka Theatre, there are many individual sets. Each set brings in the mood for the particular tale and will transport you deeper. 

The sets are deliciously moody and delightfully intense.

The Bottom Line

Tarantula Jones is brilliant experimental theater, immersive and even chilling at times. This is the perfect escape, with just a bit of Halloween flare, but much more cerebral than you may expect. 

If you are looking for the perfect date night experience, The Reflections Of Tarantula Jones is just what you are looking for.

You will be walking a fair bit and standing some, so bring your walking shoes.

The Reflections Of Tarantula Jones

A Rosebud Matches Creation

Producer/Creative Director – Mary Bennett



Cold Open/Tarantula – Director – Mary Bennett

Tarantula Jones – Martin David

Widow – Amber Teen

Wolf – Michela Minoz-Brown

Hobo – Bella Mason                        

Stoic Spider – Jessey Richards (Bar Tender/Sub-Bruka Tech/Long Arm Of The Law)

BACKSTAGE (Upstairs) 

The Webbed Ones

Spiders Gossips/Pest Control – Kim Rochelle & Stephen Stille


The Tell-Tale Heart – Director: Holly Natwora

Inmate – James Mardock

Guard/Orderly – Ryan Corrigan

Guard – Ender Riddle

Webbed One – Christopher Blanford


Alice Beyond The Looking Glass – Director: Riley McKinney

Alice – Riley McKinney

Red Queen – Carrie Lynn


Chess Game/Marionettes

Haigha (Attendant One) – Maesson Bowman (Also Understudy Alice)

Hatta (Attendant Two) – Alicia Gardner

Understudy Rose Sambora

Heart King – Brian Hansen

Heart Queen – Rachael Gottas 


The Portrait Of Dorian Gray – Directors: Mary Bennett & Lyndsey Langsdale

Gray – Rose Carter

Gray (Opening Weekend) – Yadira Duarte

Basil – Rachelle Resnick

Lady’s Vain (Assistants) – Zion Iubett

Performance Dates

October 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 18(A), 19, 20, ( No Shows 21 & 22 ) 25, 26, 27, 28 @ 7:30 PM Matinees: October 15 & 29* @ 2:00 PM Senior/Student/Military $26 General Tickets $30 All Tickets $35 at the Door A = Artist Night $17 All Tickets

Brüka Theatre

99 N. Virginia St, Reno 775.323.3221

RESERVATIONS: In person or by phone through the Brüka Box Office (775) 323-3221.


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