The Book of Will

The Book of Will

When it is Publish or Perish, you can count on your friends. The world is blessed that William Shakespeare had friends he could count on. ‘The Book of Will‘ tells this moving tribute to the literary genius.

~Review and Photos by Dana Nöllsch~

The Story of The Book of Will

The Book of Will is a story of friendship and respect, the kind that transcends death. Even though over 400 years have passed, we still feel the effects of those friendships. The works of William Shakespeare may have been lost if not for a group of dedicated friends who vowed to save the plays of William Shakespeare a few years after his death for countless people to enjoy.

The play centers on two of Shakespeare’s friends, Henry Condell and John Heminges, who, with help and encouragement, set out on the monumental task of gathering the lost scripts, first drafts, and pages tucked away in the shadows to publish the plays written by the master of eloquence, William Shakespeare. This was not easy as the year was 1619, and the art of printing books was still in its infancy. With these challenges, will they win the day and save the plays from being forgotten to time?

Beautifully written by Lauren GundersonThe Book of Will is a delight. It has just enough flavor of the 17th-century Baroque era to tantalize the senses but is still very easy to watch for the modern theatergoer. 

What About the Performances

The actors are absolutely glowing as they portray these passionate characters. You can see each actor’s love of Shakespeare reflected in their performances. If you had to walk a mile in the driving snow to see these actors perform, I would say, “Do It!”

This ensemble cast is very generous with their performances and support of each other. There is an energy of respect as the actors perform, respect for each other, and respect for the story. 

This is a play I will be seeing for a second time to experience these superb performances.

The Bottom Line

The Book of Will is a treat in so many ways. The writing, performances, emotion, and even the costumes lend to the feel of this story. I need to give a shout-out to Deborah Morrison for her costuming of the cast.

The Book of Will is a treat you don’t want to miss.

The Book of Will

Written by Lauren Gunderson

Directed by Stacey Spain


James Mardock as John Hemmings

Brett Andres as Henry Condell

Bradford Ka’ai’ai as Ben Jonson, Richard Burbage, Isaac Jaggard

Bob Ives as William Jaggard, Barman 1

Mike Peters as Horatio, Ed Knight, Sir Edward Dering, Barman 2, Compositor

Amber Teen as Alice Heninge’s Daughter

Angela Parker as Elizabeth Condell, Marcellus

Cathy Gabrielli as Emelia Bassano Lanier, Anne Hathaway

Robin Soli as Rebecca Heminges 

Ryan Corrigan as Ralph Crane, Francisco, Marcus

Mi Young Barash as Boy Hamlet & Crier 


Director: Stacey Spain

Stage Manager, Prop Master: Riley Kveton

Costumer: Deborah Morrison

Technical Director, Sound Operation, Lighting Design: David Simpson

Set Design and Build: Lewis Zaumeyer

Dramaturg: Jessica Johnson

Asst. Stage Manager: Rachael Barker

Nicky’s Crew of Love: Riley McKinney, Jessey Richards

Performance Dates

March 6, 7, 8, 9, 13(A), 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22 @ 7:30 PM  

SUNDAY Matinees: March 10, 17 @ 2 PM

Senior/Student/Military $26 General Tickets $30 All Tickets $35 at the Door A = Artist Night $17 All Tickets

The Book of Will Online Ticket


Brüka Theatre

99 N. Virginia St, Reno 775.323.3221

RESERVATIONS: In person or by phone through the Brüka Box Office (775) 323-3221.


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