Reno Stage Scene; ‘You May Have 6’ at GLM

“You May Have 6” offers a delightfully twisted view of the afterlife, with loads of laughs and just a hint of darkness. 

~Review and Photos by Dana Nöllsch~

The Story of “You May Have Six.”

This is a world premiere of “You May Have 6” from the playwright DC Cathro.

Roger wakes up one morning after a night of heavy partying, feeling a bit stranger than usual. Very soon, he will discover the hard truth of his situation. His night of partying has led him to discover what the afterlife has to offer him. 

The phone in Roger’s apartment rings, and on the other end is a voice that he does not recognize. The Voice, shrouded in mystery, explains to him his situation and that he is dead. There are many enigmatic details to the afterlife that Roger must first understand.

The main detail is that he gets to pick who he will spend the afterlife with. The number of these companions is based on how Roger lived his life. And he finds out that “He May Have 6.”

These companions are not real; however, they are copies. After he chooses his companions, they appear in his apartment, inanimate and waiting to be activated. But as you might guess, this does not go quite as smoothly as Roger may have wanted.

The unexpected twist on the afterlife in “You May Have 6” is indeed intriguing. 

The mix of characters that Roger brings into his afterlife could be better thought out. Though intense, the conflicts that arise between his companions are laced with dark humor, which adds a delightful twist to the story.

The story takes place in Roger’s apartment, which is filled with things from his life. These items tell a deeper story of how Roger lived his life. Take a moment and enjoy the things scattered on the set.

“You May Have 6” is a one-act play with no intermission that keeps the audience engaged throughout.

Check out some of the photos from “You May Have 6”

What About the Performances

This cast brings spot-on comedic timing to the darkly hilarious situations the characters find themselves in. Brandon Collins, who plays Roger, works tirelessly throughout the play, playing with the other actors with humor and sincerity. Ryan Kelly is a master of physical comedy and emotive facial expressions. These two actors are a delight to see performing together.

The rest of the cast keeps the pace with constant humor and intensity that only a truly talented cast can do. Add a driven director, Shea King, to the cast, and you will have a recipe for something extraordinary.

The Bottom Line

Good Luck Macbeth is known for taking chances with challenging productions. And as you can imagine, being the first to perform a new production can’t be easy. But as always, GLM delivers on every facet of the complex story that is “You May Have 6.”

You May Have 6

by DC Cathro

Directed by: Shea King


Brandon Collins as Roger

Ryan Kelly as Cam

Kristina Charpentier as Steph

Juli Fair as Mom

Ben Clarkson as Morgan’s Voice 

Greg Hillman as Alex 

McCarren Caputa as Jodi 

David Beck as Big Voice 


Stage Manager: Alexis Pedote

Technical Director: Derek Nance

Costumer: Lyndsey Langsdale

Assistant Stage Manager: Isaias Torres

Light and Sound Board Operator: Alwin Pizana

Performance Dates

May 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25 @ 7:30 PM

May 19 @ 2:00 PM

For Tickets and more information, go to:

Good Luck Macbeth

124 Taylor St. Reno



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