A Feminine Ending

Reno Stage Scene; ‘A Feminine Ending’ at RAT

What would you give up to achieve the thing you assume that you want?

Amanda Blue asks herself this very question only to find her answer in a place where she was not looking in ‘A Feminine Ending.’

~Photos and Review by Dana Nöllsch~

What is the story of Amanda Blue asks herself this very question only to find her answer in a place where she was not looking in ‘A Feminine Ending.’

Amanda is at a crossroads in her life, asking the questions that many have asked before. She wants to stay true to her first love, Music, and her dream is to be a great composer. Amanda is torn by her feelings for her fiance or perhaps lack thereof. 

Jack, Amanda’s fiance, is on the verge of making it big in his music career as a lead singer in a Rock and Roll Band. Jack is at a crossroads himself. Up until now, his dad has been paying for his school and, well, everything. Jack knows that he will lose his dad’s support by choosing to pursue a life in Rock and Roll.          

 If this isn’t enough, Amanda is surprised by news from home that brings her to the aid of her mother. Kim, Amanda’s mom, is at a crossroads as well and needs Amanda’s support as Kim makes a life-changing decision.

Add to this an ex-boyfriend and ambivalent dad, and you have a captivating and funny story. 

The writing is tight and easy to enjoy, with a mix of humorous and poignant moments. 

The performances

The cast brings the story to life, and this cast does just that. 

Tonatzin Nordwall plays Amanda with a vulnerability tempered by the determination to be somebody. Nordwall gives a powerful and thoughtful performance. 

Wendy Feign plays Kim with the dissatisfaction of life that comes from losing one’s desire to the desires of those around them. There is anger and a desire to escape in Feign’s performance.

Jack, played by Ray Gallardo III is an interesting character, living off of a trust fund but desiring to break free from the control of his family. Gallardo does a great job with this role letting the audience see his character’s excitement and fear for the path Jack has chosen.

D. A. Mishler plays Amanda’s father, David, with the ambivalent attitude of someone who has seen the train coming knowing it will hurt when it does hit him. 

Caulder Tempel, the ex-boyfriend, Billy, is happy to relive the past for just a moment. Tempel is great with the role, keeping the audience guessing; just what are Billy’s intentions?

What are the underlying messages?

A Feminine Ending will leave the audience contemplating times when there was a choice to be made, a crossroads if you will. What happened on the road leading up to that decision, the decision that would change everything to come? We can see clearly, what happened to the characters in the play, and we find hope for each of those characters’ future.

As for an underlying message, perhaps it is that it is never too late to change the path you are walking and find your dreams.

A Feminine Ending

By Sarah Treem

Directed by Debra Lynn Hull


Tonatzin “T” Nordwall as Amanda

Wendy Feign as Kim

Ray Gallardo III as Jack

D. A. Mishler as David

Caulder Tempel as Billy

A Feminine Ending plays through March 27th, 2023

Tickets can be found on Restless Artists Theatrer’s website: rattheatre.org

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