Reno Stage Scene; ‘A Fish Story’ at RAT’

A Fish Story is a hilarious romp through the dysfunction of a family haunted by the past.

~ Photos and Review by Dana Nöllsch ~

What is A Fish Story

Frank, Played by Jonathan Gastelo, has no idea what he is in for when he stumbles in on a family vacationing at a secluded cabin. George, The dad, played by James Miller, has trust issues that are only surpassed by his love of beer. Zee, the mom, played by Judy Davis Rounds, sees Frank as a surrogate for what she has lost. 

The bright spot in Frank’s predicament is George and Zee’s daughter, Annie, Played by Ragen Locricchio. Annie is looking for a way to escape her family’s tyranny and sees Frank as her way out. But is Annie ready to take that step out the door?

Oh, and there is a schnauzer, but you will have to see A Fish Story to find out about the dog.

Check out some photos from Restless Artists Theatre’s, A Fish Story

  • A Fish Story
  • A Fish Story
  • A Fish Story
  • A Fish Story
  • A Fish Story
  • A Fish Story
  • A Fish Story
  • A Fish Story
  • A Fish Story
  • A Fish Story
  • A Fish Story
  • A Fish Story

The Performances

The cast is relentless in expressing emotions with just a look. The fast-paced action combined with the unexpected twists is perfect for this cast to feed the audience one laugh after another. Thanks to them, there is not a slow moment in RAT’s production of A Fish Story.

Why should you see A Fish Story at RLT

See A Fish Story if you are looking for a hilarious story that is a bit twisted. Or if you are looking for a cast with great comedic timing just perfect for this fast-paced Play. With A Fish Story, you get both and more. 

Be forewarned that there is the use of a firearm with loud shots and mild violence. 

A Fish Story at Restless Artist Theatre

By Jon Tuttle

Directed by Doug Mishler


George … James Miller

Zee … Judy Davis Rounds

Annie … Ragen Locricchio

Frank … Jonathan Gastelo

A Fish Story plays Friday, February 10th thru 20th, 2023, at Restless Artist Theatre.

For tickets and showtimes, go to:

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