Reno Stage Scene; ‘Rocky Horror Show’

Have you seen the “Rocky Horror Show”? If you have, you will want to see it once again on stage. If you haven’t seen the “Rocky Horror Show”, it is time that you experience this entertaining, erotic, gender-bending journey inspired by the era of B-Movie Science Fiction.

~Photos and Review by Dana Nöllsch~

A brief history of the Rocky Horror Show

The Rocky Horror Show has been a phenomenon since the play premiered in 1973. After that came the movie, and then the worldwide following was soon born; there is even an audience participation script. The Rocky Horror Show has been a staple of the Midnight Movies. 

The Rocky Horror Show was written by Richard O’Brien in 1973 and has been in continual production since its premiere. O’Brien performed the role of Riff Raff in the movie version and has been in many stage productions since the play’s debut.

Ghostlight Theater Company graciously invited us to see a rehearsal of their production of the Rocky Horror Show. The show is a high-energy musical that features great singing blended with a live band. Thank you, Ghostlight Theater Company, for your hospitality.

The Story

The story, in a nutshell, is this: Brad and Janet are on their way home after attending their friend’s wedding. Along the way, they run into car trouble, and on top of that, there is a rainstorm. So Brad decides to hike to a foreboding castle they passed on the way, and Janet tags along.

When they get to the castle, they find a celebration in progress, a celebration of new life. Their host, Dr. Frank-N-Furter, takes Brad and Janet under his/her … ah … wings? This is when things take many unexpected turns that you really must experience to understand.

Here are some photos from the Rehearsal

The Performances

The ensemble cast is terrific, singing, dancing, and taking the audience on this intergalactic gender-bending story. There is a lot of talent bringing the story of Brad and Janet’s troubled travels to the stage. The characters are so multi-faceted that it takes talented actors to own the roles, and these actors do just that.

The Rocky Horror Show contains sexual situations, violence, scantily clad beautiful people, and many more reasons to see it. 

Performances of the Rocky Horror Show will be in Sparks March 10th -18th at the Musician Rehearsal Center, 581 Dunn Circle Sparks; then it will be performed in Carson City from March 24th – 25th at the Brewery Arts Center – Blackbox Theater 449 W King St Carson City.

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