My Barking Dog

Reno Stage Scene; ‘My Barking Dog’ at RAT

My Barking Dog is Delightfully dark with a splash of dystopia and a pinch of absurdity, you will find yourself laughing at the most inappropriate times, and that’s ok.

~Photos and Review by Dana Nöllsch~

My Barking Dog, The story

Even living in a massive city like New York, people can feel isolated; this is what happens to Melinda and Toby.

Melinda has been working at her job for nearly two decades, mainly at night when very few people are there, Melinda is ok with the isolation; in fact, she likes it.

Toby has been unemployed for some time, and since My Barking Dog takes place in the time of “Covid,” he feels even more isolated.

Melinda and Toby have lived in the same apartment building for many years without meeting, that is, until they start to get visits from a starving coyote. The two of them do what anyone would do in that situation, they make friends with the coyote by feeding him, and well, there are some things that happen you need to see for yourself.

Things get a bit strange from there, with many twists and turns that you will not see coming.

The Performances

Rachel Douglass plays Melinda, a loner who sees the world around her changing and feels compelled to aid in the transition. Douglass plays this role with cold intensity, blended with the determination of her character to change the world around her forever.

The role of Toby is played by Jonathan Gastelo. You can tell that Gastelo is having fun with this intense character. Toby is an interesting character who finds himself in a situation that will change his life forever, and Gastelo plays the role with humor.

These two actors will bring you to laughter and make you wonder just how many twists this story can have.

Why should you see My Barking Dog?

My Barking Dog is the kind of play that relies on the actors to bring a sense of believability to the unbelievable situations, and that is what Douglass and Gastello do. This dark comedy will bring a smile to your face and laughter to your heart; you may feel a bit uneasy about it. And that’s ok, don’t overthink it.

You will have a good time with My Barking Dog, but not as good as Toby does; perhaps I said too much?

Written By Eric Coble
Directed by Derek Sullivan


Rachel Douglass as Melinda
Jonathan Gastelo as Toby

Performance Dates

April 14th thru April 24th, 2023,

For Tickets and more information, go to:

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