Backstage Review: ‘Puffs’ at Good Luck Macbeth

“Puffs,” or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic. Puffs is a Harry Potter below decks style comedy, fast-paced and totally hilarious.

Photos and Review by Dana Nollsch

Have you ever wondered what the other students at that certain Wizard School were doing as that boy-wizard saved the day? Well, wonder no more “Puffs” answers just that question.

Harry Potter fans will love this fast-paced story of the other wizard’s adventures. You know the story but “Puffs” looks at the saga through different eyes.
If you don’t know, the Potter Saga “Puffs” will be the perfect way to enjoy the story and not have to watch 14 or more hours of movies, but after experiencing “Puffs,” you will want to.

What about the characters?

The Three Main Charters of Puffs.

Centered around three young wizards, “puffs” takes the audience on a seven-year journey, following the adventures of Wayne Hopkins (Lily Perez), Megan Jones (Tullia Rosa), and Oliver Rivers (Nui Phonphila).
Wayne Hopkins is an orphan, half wizard, and half muggle raised by his uncle Dave in New Mexico. Megan is sure she has been sorted to the wrong house and believes she should be in Snake. Oliver is a math genius and knows nothing of wizarding. They are all Mug Born (Half Wizard, Half Muggle), drawing them into a deep friendship.

As you can tell by the cast list there are many characters in “Puffs” and each of the actors brings their characters to life with an abundance of energy. Take a look at the photos and you will see what I mean. I can’t say enough about the cast; the energy and fun they give are marvelous.


The narrator (Molly Olsen) guides the audience through the adventures of these three soon-to-be wizards and their Puffs housemates. Molly is undoubtedly the glue that brings the many elements of “Puffs” together. Her delivery is spot on; as well as telling a story with her facial expressions.

One interesting twist to “Puffs” is that the character Zac Smith, the athletic teacher, is played by a different actor each weekend. When we saw “Puffs,” Zac was played by Christopher Daniels. It will be interesting to see how each actor will bring this character to the stage with new dialogue created by each actor.

You can see “Puffs” at Good Luck Macbeth July 8th-30th 2022

For more details, check out Good Luck Macbeth’s website: https://www.goodluckmacbeth.org/

This is the directorial debut of Cody Hamilton, congratulations, Cody, wonderfully done, my friend.

Written by Matt Cox


Narrator -Molly Olsen
Wayne Hopkins – Lily Perez
Megan Jones – Tullia Rosa
Oliver Rivers – Nui Phonphila
Ernie Mac/Others – Jayton Newbury
Hannah/Others – Amanda McHenry
J. Finch Fletchley/Others – Leif Aucoin
Leanne/Others – Maya Wolery
Sally Perks/Others – Evelyn Mejia Ronquillo
Susie Bones/Others- Thomas Rao
Cedric/Mr. Voldy – Ilyana Nightingale
Zac Smith was played by Christopher Daniels, but there will be a new Zac Smith each weekend.


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